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Siewindos Coaxial Cable

RG6 Television Cable Siewindos

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Siewindos Cloud SC 0695% 1000 FT RG6 standard shield  Center Conductor: 1.024+/-0.01mmCU/CCS

Dielectric:  4.57+/-0.05mm Foam PE   Shield:  Bonded Aluminum Foil   Braid:  40% - 95% Al-Mg or CCA wires Jacket:    6.90+0.05mm PVC Jelly/APD,Messenger 

Sparker Test: 4000VAC     

Impedance: 75+/-3 Ohm  

Capacitance: 54+3pF/m                 

Velocity of Propagation: 85%

 Return Loss: 20dB min (5-2300MHz) 

Siewindos Antenna Cable RG59

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Siewindos Link RG59 Security CCTV Cable SL05995% 500FT Or 1000 FT Siamese Cable

RG-59U 95% + 2 cores 18AWG power wires, figure 8 type: Center Conductor: 0.813+/-0.01mm (20AWG) Solid Copper Dielectric:  3.71+/-0.05mm Foam PE Shield:    Bonded Aluminum 

Foil Braid:  95%  Copper or CCA wires Jacket: 6.10+/-0.05mm PVC  

Power Wire: 7*0.38mm strand CCAM

Insulation:   2.0+/-0.05mm PE/PVC

Package:   1000FT, 500FT/wooden reel, Reelex Box, pull box 

RG174 Cable Siewindos Mirco

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RG174 SM 174 Siewindos Micro 1000 FT 

RG174/u coaxial cable 1) Construction Center Conductor: 7*0.16+/-0.005mm Strand Bare Copper Dielectric: 1.55+/-0.005mm Solid PE Shield: Foil optional Braid Coverage: 95% Bare Copper wires Jacket: 2.80+/-0.005mm PVC

2) Characteristics Sparker Test: 4000VAC Impedance: 50+/-2 Ohm Capacitance: 101+3pF/m Velocity of Propagation: 66%

3) Attenuation Sheet @ 20 degree 

Siewindos Telecom RF Feeder Cable

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Siewindos GPS Antenna Telecom Tower

1-5/8" feeder cable

1-1/4" feeder cable

5/8" feeder cable

1/2" feeder cable

3/8" RF coaxial cable

7/8" S feeder RF coaxial cable, 

1/2" S feeder RF coaxial cable

3/8" S  RF coaxial cable

Electrical Characteristics:
Characteristic Impedance 50± 1
Velocity 88% Nominal value
Capacitance 76pF/m Nominal value

Siewindos P3.500 Trunk Cable

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Siewindos Telecom Trunk Coax Catv Cable P3.500 RG500, QR540,,RG412

Applications: Siewindos P3 500JCA trunk cable is used as main cable and distribution cable for CATV network, such as base station and equipment cabinets. digital signals. The trunk cable is also widely used in HFC duplex transmission network.

Electrical characteristics:
Capacitance: 15.3±1.0pt/ft.(50±3.0nf/km)
Impedance: 75±2 ohms
Velocity of propagation: 87% nominal
Maximum D.C resistance 68F:
Structure Return loss: 24dB

Siewindos Link SL RG11 1000FT


Siewindos Link RG11 1000 FT Coaxial Cable

Center Conductor: 1.63+/-0.01mm Solid Copper/Copper Clad Steel
Dielectric:    7.11+/-0.05mm Foam PE
Shield 1st:   Bonded Aluminum Foil
Braid:  40% - 95% Al-Mg or CCA wires

Jacket:      10.16+0.05mm PVC
Jelly/APD:   Per Messenger (Aeria)
Sparker Test: 4000VAC                       

Impedance: 75+/-2 Ohm
Capacitance: 54+3pF/m                       

Velocity of Propagation: 86%
Return Loss: 20dB min (5-2300MHz)

Siewindos Signal Coaxial Cable

Siewindos Signal 75 ohm coaxial cable and 50 ohm coaxial cable is used as a radio transmission line for radio frequency signals in the filled of Radio TV Broadcasting,Digital Audio and Distributing Television Signal,CATV System, Telecommunication, HDTV satellite communication, Monitoring System. 5G equipment signal connection in the future. Siewindos power network,link the cloud world, and shine your life.Contact us more about what you want.